Silly Suzy Goose

Petr Horacek - January 1, 1970

Silly Suzy Goose Tapa del libroSuzy Goose is fed up with being just like the rest of the flock. She wants to be different: to flap like a bat, squawk like a toucan and slide like a penguin. But when she tries to roar like a lion she gets more than she bargained for!

Plum Gum and Other Chunk Poems

Adele Tolley Wilson - October 2, 2004

Plum Gum and Other Chunk Poems Tapa del libroPlum Gum and Other Chunk Poems is an entertaining book of poetry written by a teacher for the purpose of building fluency in young readers. Kids love to read the poems because they are funny and written for a childs sense of humor. Teachers love the poems because each one is written to emphasize a specific phonics chunk. Parents love the poems because their children become better readers. Plum Gum and Other Chunk Poems is a must have book for every school library, every reading teacher, every parent who wants to help their child gain reading success, and every child who is discovering the joys of reading. The clever illustrations add to the enjoyment and make it the perfect book for young readers. Adele Tolley Wilson has captured the sounds and images of language in a playful and entertaining new poetry collection--I have witnessed requests from whole classes of young children to read Plum Gum poems again and again . . . D. Ray Reutzel, Emma Eccles Jones Professor of Early Childhood Education

Bookee and Keeboo Go on a Trip

Alfons Freire - June 11, 2013

Bookee and Keeboo Go on a Trip Tapa del libroThis is the second title of the Bookee's stories, an acclaimed series that's been on iBooks top100 for more than a year now and reached number one in Spain and top5 in several iBooks for weeks. "What a lovely day it is today! The sun is shining in the sky." Bookee, Keeboo and their friends go on a trip in this new adventure of the most famous rabbit in the Land of the Big Carrots. An illustrated ebook for children by Alfons Freire, produced by booqlab and published by . Also available in Spanish and soon in other languages. --- Alfons Freire does a lot of things: a publishing designer, director, editor, painter and philosopher based in Barcelona, is now also an accomplished children book author and illustrator. TopTapTip is a series dedicated to publishing children ebooks, both new and already in print. We believe in a playful publishing process that respects the authors original concept and idea while providing a digital twist. We join reading with fun and education in multimedia and interactive colorful ebooks.

Just Tori

Alicia Danielle Voss-Guillén - January 4, 2012

Just Tori Tapa del libroMeet Tori Salinas. She’s a smart, funny fifth-grade girl with loving parents, great friends, and big dreams of becoming an actress. As far as Tori is concerned, there is just one major problem in her life: she is the only girl in a family filled with annoying older brothers. Twenty-year-old Nate can’t stop bragging about himself. All seventeen-year-old Ben can talk about is his girlfriend Jaine. And thirteen-year-old Joey, with his practical jokes and nonstop teasing, just may be the worst of them all! As if she doesn’t already have enough to worry about, Tori’s teacher assigns the class a project in which students must write what they love about their family members. Tori is horrified! How can she ever come up with anything good to say about Nate, Ben, and Joey? But just when she feels most hopeless, she receives a very unexpected surprise…and realizes that maybe her brothers aren’t so bad, after all! Just Tori is part of a three book series. The other two books in the series are Tori and the New Girl and Tori’s Wish .

Fantasma Knigi

Benjamin Sommerhalder - January 1, 1970

Fantasma Knigi Tapa del libroEn la noche de su cumpleaños el pequeño fantasma Knigi recibió un libro de su tía Abel. Al dárselo todo lo que le dijo fue, “¡Espero que te guste leerlo!” Knigi todavía era bastante joven, pero ya estaba en la edad en la que, normalmente, los niños humanos aprenden a leer. Y era lo mismo para los niños fantasma. “Pero algo está mal”, pensó Knigi. El libro estaba completamente en blanco, todas sus páginas, de tapa a tapa. Fantasma Knigi es el primer libro escrito e ilustrado por Benjamin Sommerhalder

My Grandfather's Story (English+Korean)

Hye-Na Kim - January 1, 1970

My Grandfather's Story (English+Korean) Tapa del libroPlease take the gifts which are prepared by the 2013 BlueWolf. 2013년 blue wolf가 준비한 어린이 선물을 가져가세요. Listen to the meaningful experience stories of grand pa, who has a wicked personality. 성격 나쁜 할아버지의 교훈적인 모험담을 들어보세요. Learn to respect others from reading the story of grand pa who has a wicked personality. 성격 나쁜 할아버지를 통해 타인을 배려하는 마음을 배워보세요. Enjoy the beautiful and hand made illustration. 아름다운 수작업으로 그려진 환상적인 일러스트를 즐겨보세요. Keep this illustration that suits warm and meaningful stories for life. 따뜻하고 교훈적인 스토리에 어울리는 멋진 일러스트를 평생 간직하세요. 이 책은 영어와 한글을 동시에 지원합니다.